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GPO Display embodies our motto “visual solutions created for you”, by providing video display solutions for all industries and applications. Whether you’re setting up a large command & control room or simple lobby signage, GPO Display offers a wide array of display solutions to meet your needs. We believe that the only limit to our capabilities is your imagination.

Model: TS75KR10

All GPO Display IR touch screens feature accurate, responsive 10pt Infrared (IR) Touch. With durable, tempered glass, these displays are ideal for high-traffic, public applications.
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GPO Display InteracTable Bundle teaser
Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2017
GPO Display presents the all new InteracTable Bundles. Table bundles are perfect for an affordable, multi-screen experience. Swipe content from InteracTable surfaces to large, single displays or video walls. These bundles include all displays, mounts, computing, and software needed to hit the ground running.