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AES67 and Ravenna I/O Card

Model: D23m AoIP card

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The Studer D23m AoIP I/O card provides D23m systems with high bandwidth AoIP connectivity using AES67 and Ravenna, expanding Studer’s already broad portfolio of supported AoIP protocols. The Studer D23m AoIP card supports 256 bi-directional channels, and is 96kHz compatible and STMPE 2110 ready.

By adding a D23m AoIP to a Studer D23m system, it is possible to route analog and digital baseband connections to IP networks or even from one AoIP protocol standard to another by simply re-streaming it in the other format. This allows broadcasters to build up a new media network on one standard while still reusing existing equipment that may use a different protocol (see drawing below).

This process is made possible by using Studer DIOS, a routing automation software that separates the I/O system from the mixer, where it is no longer tied to a specifi c DSP core. Sources and targets on D23m I/O cards can be accessed from any mixer, including Studio Control Systems and OB trucks in different locations. The automated routing in Studer DIOS allows the D23m AoIP card to seamlessly integrate with other non IP digital or analog infrastructures, for a cohesive and intelligent system.

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