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Highly Customizable Broadcast Audio Control Surface

Model: Glacier Series

  • TCP/IP control
  • PoE (power over Ethernet)
  • Customizable GUI
  • Capacitive multi-touch display
  • Dante AoIP
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Flexible Control for Broadcast Audio Workflows

The Studer Glacier Series is a highly customizable broadcast audio solution that provides comprehensive control, flexibility and interoperability for any on-air application. Two streamlined modules make operation faster and easier by providing essential controls for live broadcast. The multi-touch graphical user interface provides a virtualized control surface that allows users to customize controls to suit their needs, host comprehensive control interfaces for additional equipment, and simplify the studio environment. Each Glacier Series component offers forwards and backwards compatibility with Studer DSP platforms. Multiple modules can be added to create custom-tailored consoles that bring new levels of control and versatility to any broadcast.   

Two Control Surface Modules

The Studer Glacier Series includes two easy-to-use control surfaces that are tailored to provide streamlined physical controls for live operation. All other controls are provided virtually, via intuitive multi-touch graphical user interfaces.

The Central Screen Module features a vibrant display for easily assigning and accessing GUI controls. The Fader Module provides simplified tactile control for effortless multitasking, and features Studer FaderGlow so you can assign colors to each fader for channel layout and management. Each module is a self-contained unit that connects and operates fully with the Studer DSP Core via TCP/IP. Multiple modules can be connected together to create versatile, customized surfaces tailored for specific applications and environments.

User Configurable Graphical User Interface

The Studer Glacier graphical user interface (GUI) offers incredible flexibility by letting you tailor the view to your specific needs. The GUI can be personalized to match the technical requirements of each user, displaying all the controls they need and hiding those they don’t. More technical users can view as many detailed controls as they wish, while the less experienced can create simpler interfaces with only the functions and controls they need. This streamlines operation, as well as reduces visual distraction during time-sensitive situations.

  • TCP/IP control
  • PoE (power over Ethernet)
  • Customizable GUI
  • Capacitive multi-touch display
  • Dante AoIP
  • 1x HQ mic inputs
  • 2x Line outputs
  • 1x Headphone output
  • 2x Rotary encoders
  • 26x Capacitive touch/push buttons
  • TCP/IP control
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Customizable GUI capacitive multi-touch display
  • 6x Faders (motorized option)
  • FaderGlow
  • 12x Capacitive touch/push buttons
  • 12x Push buttons
  • Renowned Studer quality and performance
  • Modular, IP-based scalable architecture
  • Intuitive, user-configurable GUI provides a highly adaptable virtualized control surface
  • Two control modules to choose from
  • Central Screen Module for quick control
  • Fader Module for effortless on-air multitasking
  • Deep integration with third party studio systems
  • Studer FaderGlow for quick function and channel identification
  • Forwards and backwards compatibility with Studer DSP platforms, including SCore Live and Infinity Core
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